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Dark yellow ochre (JFLES)
Dark yellow ochre (JFLES)
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Lime in Paste POZZO NUOVO
Lime in Paste POZZO NUOVO
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  our team welcomes you all year in our factory store and showroom adjacent to the factory.
You will find our products in various packaging ocher and many synthetics pigments selected for their colors, their ease of use and their safety .

At your disposal:

-84 Shades of witewash ( lime paint) ready to use

-70 Shades finish coatings

-18 Shades of colored plaster

lime, acrylic gels, additives products, tools, technical books ...

You will be able to choose your decorative lime paint on large panels.

 Société des ocres de France

93 chemin des ocriers, 84400 APT

Coordonnées GPS : 43.880.3406 N - 5.3851676 E
Tel : - Fax :
E-mail :

Open from monday to friday - from 8'am to 12'am and from 1'30pm to 6'pm - 5'pm on fridays

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 Société des Ocres de France's factory is situated in the heart of the town of Apt and dates from 1901. The original factory building has been carefully preserved, although the machinery has been modernized. It is here in the factory that the processing of the ochre is completed. After a period of drying out, the ochre is transported to the factory and off-loaded into special, deep storage compartments. The ochre is baked at very high temperatures, pulverized and packed into bags.

   Société des Ocres de France's factory
93 Chemin des Ocriers
84400 – APT

Coordonnées GPS : 43.8787630 N - 5.3847814 E

Open from monday to friday - from 8'am to 12'am and from 1.30'pm to 5.30'pm - 4.30'pm

Responsable : Monsieur Brice GUIGOU

acces of factory:











The quarry is fascinating and impressive, but visits are forbidden because of security. Near from the quarry, you can visit "mines de Bruoux" in Gargas , which explain you how were extracted ocher few years ago.

Ochre, the “treasure of Provence” cannot be used in its natural state. Even if you want to keep the usual yellow colouring, it must first be processed. To obtain different colours, the processing is longer and more complex.

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