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cleaning products 

cleaning products

Our grand-parents knew some recipes for housekeeping and they did very well without all these modern, often overpriced cleaning products whose health and environmental risks are unknown. 
(Re)discover the baking soda, the black soap or the soil of Sommières among our recipes for the manufacture of natural cleaning products.


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    This cylindrical jar, crystal, recyclable plastic, PET will allow you a very varied use of your liquids and powders.
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    This PET recyclable plastic bottle will allow you a wide variety of uses of your liquids.  We advise you to wash it with soapy water before putting your preparation. Don’t forget to carefully label your vial by filling in the ingredients contained within your preparation as well as the use and expiry date.
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    Multipurpose cleaner usable with gloves, dermatologically tested. Made from olive oil. Ecocert certified.   
Showing 21 - 23 of 23 items