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cosmetic pigments 

cosmetic pigments

Pigments are essential in cosmetics : eyeshadow, nail polish and lipstick. They give a unique dimension to the face thanks to their subtle nuances and captivating colors. However, there are pigments... and pigments. We will help you to choose the one that will suit you. 


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    Our white clay, also called Kaolinite is extracted in France and approved Cosmos and Ecocert. A very varied use, it is an essential ingredient in the manufacture of home cosmetics such as masks for face, body and hair, toothpaste, soap and makeup. For house, clay stone, and remove greasy stains.
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    Rigorously selected, 100% natural, sun-dried, subjected to numerous controls, Argiletz® super-fine green clay, exceptionally rich in minerals useful to the body, is a fine clay powder of about 60 microns.
  • 4,75 € In Stock
    Ghassoul or rhassoul powder has a fine and delicate texture that allows it to absorb and purify the skin gently. Ghassoul clay is recommended to detoxify because it acts against muscle fatigue. Your body regains all its serenity with each use.
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    A real beauty treatment, this kit contains a face scrub with pink clay, sesame oil and shea butter in a 100 ml tube, a face mask with pink clay for sensitive and reactive skin, in 100 g tube and a day cream with pink clay, argan oil and shea butter that will give your skin its natural radiance.
  • 5,59 € In Stock
    This beautiful illustrated book in practical format offers you an initiation to the pleasure of formulating and manufacturing your natural makeup products for the foundation and eyes.
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    Making your own makeup is simple and accessible to everyone with the practical tips and 25 easy recipes in this book.
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    This box invites you to the playful and creative production of natural soaps according to the method of Melt & Pour with a practical and illustrated booklet of 22 pages describing the techniques, tips and tricks to make 8 recipes guided step by step and accessible to all.
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    This bio-sourced 85% base of natural origin makes it very easy to compose your home nail polish by simply adding coloring agents. 3 in 1, it is also used as a protective base under your varnish and as a top coat for a glossy finish.  
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    Empty bottle of 6 ml to transfer your home-made varnishes.
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    Essential to transfer your liquid products, this pipette will allow you, among other things, to put the base of clear lacquer in the empty bottle of your future nail polish, homemade.
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    Material transfer and preparation of your cosmetics, homemade. It is containing : - 3 transfer pipettes ; - 1 funnel ; - 3 graduated syringes.
Showing 21 - 31 of 31 items