The fatty lime Pozzo Nuovo is a home-made lime, particularly recommended for limewash paints, frescoes, fine coatings, stucco and tadelakts.
Maturation time : minimum 2 years.



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The choice of limestone, a rigorous control of the cooking, an extinction of quicklime according to ancestral and artisanal techniques, assure you that the fatty lime Pozzo Nuovo is a flexible product, for an easy implementation, which benefits from an exceptionally fast carbonation, and offers a resistance and a covering power well above average.

Above the paste is a large quantity of extinguishing water, which is valuable and recommended for the preparation of patinas and the polishing of stuccoes.

Lime is a natural and ecological binder, known for at least 4000 years, which has advantages for buildings and decorations such as :

- Sanitizing and disinfecting ;
- An aesthetic that can not be achieved with any other binder ;
- A very interesting material cost at the moment ;
- A first-rate participation in the breathing of the structures ;
- Elasticity and adaptability superior to other binders ;
- A great hold in time ;
- Absorption of CO2 emissions from the atmosphere during carbonation ;
- Attenuation of the harmful effects of saltpeter ;
- Excellent fire behavior.

Conservation : unlimited. Product covered with a few millimeters of water, bucket closed free from frost.


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