Tutti is a 100% natural powdered product based on milk, calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, gypsum, methylcellulose and plant extracts.
It can be colored with pigments and gives a beautiful smooth, matte and very velvety appearance.



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Tutti is a natural milk-based paint for interior walls.
A product of high environmental quality, Tutti is applied directly to plaster, raw wood, smoothing coatings, plaster and lime.

Coloring of Tutti :
* For pastel shades : 75 g of pigments for 5 kg of Tutti.
* For a medium grade : 175 g of pigments for 5 kg of Tutti.
* For dark shades : 500 g of pigments for 5 kg of Tutti.

Yield : Tutti paint is easy to prepare, just dilute 1 volume of Tutti in one volume of water.

Tutti is marketed in cardboard of 1 or 5 kg.

* Powder coating, milk-based
* 100% natural, high environmental quality
* Economical and easy to apply
* For interior walls
* Lets the support breathe
* Matt, smooth, velvety appearance
* VOC : 0.00 g / liter (2010 limit value: 30g/liter)
* Yield : 1 kg of powder = 2 L of paint = approximately 15 m² (1L = 7.5 m²)

 Application video : HERE


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