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The municipality of Gargas (Vaucluse) has chosen for management in public service delegation of the magnificent site of Bruoux Mines, the Arcano sarl.

This sarl is affiliated equally with the company Ocres de France and the Scic Okhra, which have maintained cultural and commercial relations for more than 20 years. These two structures made the decision to pool their expertise in ocher to create an independent structure: Arcano under the management of Mr. Dominique Peressinotti.

The Mines of Bruoux is an exceptional site, unique in Europe, a place of work fashioned only by the ocher workers, 650 meters underground, through galleries of 15 meters high to relive the work of the old oars.




The Mathieu plant is a former ocher production plant that produced about 1,000 tons of ocher per year between 1921 and 1963.

Abandoned for several years in a state of industrial wasteland, it has been visited since 1994. The washing systems, the kiln and the mills have been restored to understand the different stages of ore processing, from extraction to shipping.

This technical history of ocher is placed in its local and international economic and cultural context so that everyone can grasp the past, present and future issues of this material which remains an unalterable natural pigment and secular use.




The association of painters in heritage decoration has for vocation to defend and valorize their profession, specialized since always in the safeguarding of the inheritance. It also aims to raise awareness among the general public about the preservation of heritage and to make known the techniques associated with it. .
These professionals are specialized in ancient and ecological techniques to restore, restore, redo identically, paintings, decorations and heritage coatings.




Since 34 years, Peter Grimes, manager of P & A Plastering has worked in the field of decoration. He now specializes in lime decorations, such as Moroccan tadelakt, as well as clay and cork plaster.
Based in Brighton and covering all of Sussex, this professional plans to move soon to France.