Pigments are essential in cosmetics. They can be found in eyeshadow, foundation, nail polish, lipstick, etc…



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European regulations do not prohibit azo pigments, but they are banned in organic makeup, while natural pigments such as ocher are Ecocertifiable.

You will find in this box, eight pigments used in cosmetics, two natural pigments and six synthetic pigments :

- Ocre jaune JFLES is our purest ochre, extracted in our quarry, in Gargas. Color Index : Y43 – classification : Kaolin + oxyde de fer.
- Ocre rouge RFLES is the calcination of ocre jaune JFLES. Color index : R102 – classification : Kaolin + oxyde de fer.
- Jaune primaire is an azo pigment. Color index : Y1 - N° INCI : C.I. 11680.
- Bleu Primaire is an azo pigment. Color index : B15 - EINECS N° : 205-685-1 -N° de Constitution : 74160.
- Rouge primaire is in azo pigment Color index : R3 - EINECS N° : 219-372-2 - N° de Constitution : 12120.
- Bleu outremer is a polysulfide sodium aluminosilicate. Color Index : B29 - N° cas : 101357-30-6.
- Rose outremer and violet outremer are aluminosilicates of polysulfurized sodium. Color index : R259 et V15 - N° cas : 12769-96-9.

It is important to carry out an allergy test, before use and to take all the hygiene measures necessary to manufacture your cosmetics. Please follow the recipes on referenced books to guide you in your preparations.


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