This solid shower gel cleanses the skin without drying it, thanks to its neutral PH. Its healthy formula based on sweet almond oil and oat bran transforms into an ultra-creamy mousse with such a greedy scent, that we would almost eat it !

1 x 110 g solid shower gel = 2 to 3 bottles of 250 ml liquid shower gel.



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Natural ingredients based on softening sweet almond oil, protective oat oil and exfoliating oat bran. Gourmet fragrance 100% natural, without palm oil, without essential oils, without allergens, vegan.

Use :

Wet the solid shower gel and rub it directly on your body to gently lather and exfoliate your skin. Massage then rinse. Remember to dry your Bottle-Free Shower Gel after each use to make it last longer.

Why are we putting forward Unbottled ?

Already, as its name indicates, the products are without bottle for more product but less plastic.
Because Sarah, the founder, is from the cosmetics industry.
Because this promising young company offers solid innovative formulas, without compromise.
Because the benefits of these products are the same as your bottled products, less plastic and chemicals.
And then because it's French.
And finally, because we tested them and they just won our hearts.


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