This strong shampoo, ultra foaming, cleans the scalp without attacking it, as effectively as a bottle shampoo. The rosemary-mint fragrance of this vegan shampoo is to die for and its minimalist formula reveals three main ingredients : argan oil, with nourishing properties ; broccoli oil, a real barrier to frizz and an alternative to silicones ; green clay, which regulates sebum and rebalances. 

1 solid shampoo of 75 g = 2 to 3 bottles of 250 ml of liquid shampoo.



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Use :

Rub your solid shampoo into your hands or directly on your wet hair to lather it thoroughly. Massage your scalp then rinse. Remember to dry your solid shampoo so that it lasts longer.
Our advice : Not suitable for children and breastfeeding women by the presence of essential oils.

Why are we putting forward Unbottled ?

Already, as its name indicates, the products are without bottle for more product but less plastic.
Because Sarah, the founder, is from the cosmetics industry.
Because this promising young company offers solid innovative formulas, without compromise.
Because the benefits of these products are the same as your bottled products, less plastic and chemicals.
Then because it's French.
And finally, because we tested them and they just won our hearts.


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