The essential oil of peppermint will slip into all your household products : washing machine, fridge, bin...). You can consult all our cleaning recipes for a natural home.
Jar of 10 ml.



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Consult our recipes for the maintenance of the house in natural.

It's natural, but :
- Use essential oils with moderation and caution. Essential oils are very powerful.
- The use of this essential oil is reserved for household use only.
- Always keep essential oils out of reach and out of sight of children. For their safety, never remove the capsule codigoutte vials of essential oils.
- Some oils can be irritating to the airways and cause allergies.
- In general, we do not recommend the use of essential oils for pregnant or breastfeeding women, people with epilepsy, hypersensitive or hormone-dependent cancer patients, and more generally those with health problems.
- In case of respiratory allergies or asthma, avoid inhaling directly the diffusions of essential oils.
- If accidentally swallowed, swallow several tablespoons of vegetable oil to dilute the essential oil, contact a poison control center and consult a physician.


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