If your closet should contain only one ingredient for the maintenance of your home, it is the baking soda ! This cleaning agent will help you in many uses (maintenance of the house, laundry, hygiene, body care, deodorant, etc). Don't hesitate to read our cleaning recipes for a house clean with natural products.



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What is baking soda ?

It is composed of sodium (salt), hydrogen, carbon and oxygen. It is found in the form of fine grains, useful in the kitchen and to prepare its cosmetics, or even coarser, for the manufacture of cleaning products.

Baking soda is used for the maintenance of the linen and the house, but also for the hygiene, the care of the body and the kitchen. It is a cleaning agent, type scouring powder for bathtubs and sinks, softener for laundry, water softener and deodorizer for carpets or rugs and refrigerators. In the garden, it can be used as a fungicide.

Some precautions for use : Do not use technical baking soda, for food, pharmaceutical or cosmetic use. To each product its degree of purity ! It should not be swallowed in large quantities. It is not suitable for aluminum surfaces, nor for washing wool and silk. It must not be stored in a refrigerator or stored in an iron box. Baking soda keeps years away from moisture.

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