The Large discovery box offers you two quality choices by combining 7 natural pigments and 7 synthetic pigments.



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The "Discovery" large box contains 6 natural pigments and 6 synthetic pigments in 40ml jars :


6 natural pigments in 40 ml jars :
- Ocre jaune foncé JFLES
- Ocre Havane
- Ocre rouge RFLES
- Ombre naturelle
- Ombre calcinée
Noir Indien

6 synthetic pigments in 40 ml jars :
- Jaune citron
- Orange Ercolano
- Rouge porto
- Bleu Monté-Carlo
- Vert Monté-Carlo
Blanc Tiona


You can also make :

* Greys = white + umber earths

                   white + black

* Greens = yellow + blue

* Purples = blue + red

* Oranges = yellow + red


Use : pigments in powder make possible to make your own artistic paints, for gouache, watercolour, oil, tempera, glaze or mixed with painting mediums such as liquid or powdered acrylic binder or egg glaze.


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Pigments can be mixed with linseed oil or Arabic gum to create their own watercolours. 


Result of the "large discovery box" pigments with linseed oil :


Ocre jaune foncé JFLES   Ocre havane           Ocre rouge RFLES


  Ombre naturelle           Ombre calcinée                Noir Indien 


    Jaune citron                  Orange Ercolano           Rouge porto


   Bleu Monté-Carlo         Vert Monté-Carlo            Blanc Tiona 


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