Red fluorescent (= fluorescent red) is a 100% synthetic pigment, exclusively for decoration and fine arts.



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Fluorescents pigments, free from formaldehyde, have been specially developed for applications in aqueous media such as : textile printing, inks, paints, coatings... These pigments offer bright and bright colors, with, in particular, excellent dye, high heat resistance, and easy dispersion.

Plastics : RFF fluorescents pigments have also been designed for plastic applications with high melting point (thanks to their softening point), such as : PE, PP, PS, acrylic, ABS... They are used to create decorative effects by mixing them with a transparent binder (glaze, tempera, acrylic, wax, etc), or in creative hobbies (medium to paint, gum arabic, linseed oil, etc).

Rouge fluo mixed with linseed oil

Lightfastness : fluorescents pigments are recommended for indoor uses or with very limited light exposure outdoor (exposure directly to the sun light causes color degradation).
Opacity : the fluorescents pigments being transparant, opacifiers (such as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide) can be added to provide opacity.


Color : fluo red pigment with a transparent binder and lighter red with a white binder. 


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We use recyclable PET jars, to throw away, cleaned, in the yellow bins ; and glass jar that you can clean and sterilize for other uses even for food storage.


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Formaldehyde-free thermoplastic polyamide resin
UV resistance
Pigment not recommended outdoor
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