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finishing products 

finishing products
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    Black soap is a multi-purpose product. In paint, it is used for cleaning brushes and provides shine for the reinforcement of brushes or smoothed coatings. It can be used for washing animals and also for the maintenance of the house (linen, hob, oven, hood, sink, bathroom) and even in gardening to repel aphids.
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    Eccocera Carnauba natural wax is intended for dry, solid and absorbent interior surfaces and is applied to walls and ceilings coated with lime, plaster or cement.Yield: (according to roughness and porosity of the supports) on closed support and smooth weakly rough 1 kg of wax in 1 layer covers 20 to 30m ².
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    Transparent decoration product, mat (powder to dilute in water) that can piggy to obtain more nuanced effects on whitewash and Tutti. Dilute 100 g of powder in about 1 liter of water. compatible with all pigments. Let the support breathe. The egg glaze can also be used as a binder for artistic paint and fixative.
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    Lime water is the water used to extinguish quicklime. It is therefore still lime-laden but no longer has the white color that inevitably fades the dye. Its transparency makes it possible to create very lively tones without blocking the support.
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    WATERPROOFING INTERIOR / EXTERIOR High performanceProfessional rangeSOILS, WALLS, ROOFSWater repellent, oil repellent
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items