Our other services

In addition to our main activity in the manufacture of ochre and natural earth, we also offer subcontracting and packaging services.

We can produce according to your formulas : 

  • Colorants / Pigments
    [Traceability and control using a spectro-colorimeter]
  • Finished products, according to your specifications, such as :
    - Coatings 
    - Stuccos
    - Limewashes
    - Coloured plasters

We also pack your round jars from 4 cm opening / labelling in series.

Grinding of powders & granules

Small jars packaging line and labelling 

Becker blade mixer from 200 kg to 1 T

Drying of powders (other matters, please contact us)

Calcination of powders (other matters, please contact us)

Plough mixer with rotating knives from 180 to 480 liters (possibility of liquid injection into mixtures))

Ball mixer (until 90 kilos)

For any request for services, we invite you to contact us by email : infos@ocres-de-france.com.