Pearly gold powder for making eyeshadow, gloss, body milk coloring, oil, for a scintillating and golden effect.
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Mica of mineral origin + titanium oxide + red iron oxide.

PH (10% aqueous solution) : 7-11.
Density : 2.8 - 3.4 g/cm3
Apparent density : 15-30 g/100 ml
Oil absorption : 70-90 g/100g
Particle size : 10-60 µm (90% in the range).
Loss on drying : 0-0.5% (105° C)

Glass jar of 40 ml - 10 g net.

Make a test beforehand in the fold of the elbow to avoid any risk of allergies.

Our opinion : Although several products of the trade have in their composition powders of pearls, we think that this ingredient has no place on the delicate skin of the children.

Origine : Netherlands.


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