You have chosen this paint kit to paint your hives ? Great, you are offering your bees the most natural and ecological paint possible. Without VOCs or solvents, flour paint or Swedish paint will protect your wood. You will find in this kit, the ingredients necessary to paint 7.5 m² with two possible colors (here red and blue), which represents 4 hives with the increases and possibly the bottoms.



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In the recipe of flour paint, it is recommended to use only natural pigments that have a much better resistance to UV. There are no natural blue pigments, only synthetics which tend to "fade out" quite quickly as an old pair of jeans would do in time. Nevertheless, beekeepers need to paint their hives in different colours so that the bees can spot and recognize theirs. So several years ago, we tested all our Swedish paint blues to find the one that held the best : bleu lavande.

From left to right : ocre jaune clair, ocre jaune foncé JFLES, ocre jaune de Puisaye, ocre Iclès SOF, ocre havane, ocre rouge de Puisaye, ocre abricot de Puisaye, ocre rouge RFLES, sienne naturelle, ombre naturelle, ocre marron, ombre calcinée, sienne calcinée, gris anthracite (ocre grise C), noir indien, terre verte de Nicosie et terre verte de Brentonico. Not exhaustive, other natural pigments can be used.


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