Natural pigments

This range contains mineral pigments (ochre, earth, umber, siena) extracted in quarry, which undergo only a process of grinding, baking and mixing. Regarding our ochres, Ocres de France is today the last autonomous producer in Europe, thanks to its quarry located in Gargas and its factory in Apt (Vaucluse).
The natural pigments have an excellent resistance to light, a good colouring power and they are very covering. On the other hand, they have colors less vivid than synthetic pigments.

Natural pigments

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Noir d'Ivoire is a  pigment preparation designed by Ocres de France in 2016 and perfected in 2021. True ivory black was obtained by calcination of animal bones. For a long time, and fortunately for our animal friends, it is now obtained from iron oxide and plant-based charcoal. The name remained in order to signify the resemblance of the color.
This pigment is 100% natural.

Pigment made by Ocres de France