Lime water is the water used to extinguish quicklime. It is therefore still lime-laden but no longer has the white color that inevitably fades the dye. Its transparency makes it possible to create very bright tones without blocking the support.

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Use : to do a "fresco", to obtain very strong colors, patina, fixative for limewash, etc.

Fresco : on a limewash or lime based coating, apply with a brush your lime water color maximum 1 volume of pigment (the same you used to color your lime or coating) for 6 volumes of water of lime and at least 1 volume of pigment for 10 to 15 volumes of water of lime.


Lime water colored with ocre rouge RFLES on pink lime paint

Patine : on a limewash or lime based coating, apply with limewash brush your colored lime water either with the same pigment that was used to color your support or with a different pigment to obtain a patina in two shades. Your lime water has been diluted with 1 volume of pigment in 15 to 30 volumes of lime water. The more your pigment is diluted, the more transparency you get with the support.

Finally, as a fixator : after having brushed the "flouring" support, to pass the pure lime water with the brush without pigment to fix the support. Repeat the operation if necessary.

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