This liquid acrylic binder with water is used to fix the pigments on a support. It is flexible and makes the support washable while keeping some porosity. It is also used as a replacement for a white paint, and makes it possible to obtain the hue of the powdered pigments, which is not the case with a white paint.

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The acrylic binder is a synthetic resin that is used to fix the pigments on a support and to make its own decorative paints. For a material effect, it is possible to add to the acrylic binder, talc to opacify, marble powder for texturing.
It adheres to all walls, new and old. It is in the form of a milky white product, which can be diluted with water if it is too thick and becomes transparent on drying. It is perfect when you want to get a very bright final color. Unlike white paints, it does not diminish the color of powdered pigments.

Uses : 

Wall paints :

- Undercoat : dilute the acrylic binder between 60 and 70% with water for a porous support underlayment.
- First mix the pigment in water to make it liquid. Add the pigment in the acrylic binder (up to 100-150 g of pigment powder per 1 liter of acrylic binder).

Yield : 10 to 15 m² per liter.

Glaze :

A glaze is a transparent paint that is applied to lime, casein, or acrylic paints or glycero, to skate. The result is very nuanced. Prepare your mixture as for a paint, but the acrylic binder should be diluted with water to create transparency with the first coat. At most acrylic binder will be diluted in water, the more your glaze will be transparent.

Yield : about 50 to 60 m² depending on the dilution.

These recipes are also applicable if you want to renovate furnitures.

Fine arts :

The acrylic binder is used as a medium to paint. Grind the pigment in a mortar, then dilute it with a little water to make a liquid paste. Incorporate the pigment with pure acrylic binder.

Application : brush, spalter and knife (with the addition of a filler, talc, marble powder).

Fast drying. Clean tools with water. Slightly satiny.

Composition : aqueous dispersion of styrene-acrylic copolymer.

Made in Italy.


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