Undercoatings (primers)

You want a lime coating/limewash but your support does not allow it ? You are embarking on a renovation and you do not know what your walls are made of ? No panic, we present our undercoatings, also called primers.


The Sofadher is an adhesion bridge product and bottom regulator that is used on inappropriate supports such as fibrocement, tile boards, plaster coating, painted interior surfaces, wood chipboard... before applying limewash. It is ideal before applying Badisof.
Sofadher is film-like and not granular and does not apply over a support that has had covers.

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Sofix is an adhesion bridge product that is used on inappropriate supports such as paints, plasterboard, wood and a porosity regulator for cement coatings, plaster and generally, for any unknown supports. It is used indoors and outdoors and mixes with water.
Due to its grainy appearance, it is not recommended if you want to apply Badisof but will be perfect before a Badisof Plus application.

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The Rénodress is a renovation mortar with fine granulometry.
Based on aerial lime, hydraulic binder, limestone loads and adjuvants, it saves time for all the work of surfaces to be renovated inside and outside, because it is ready to use and requires only the addition of clear water.
The Renodress can be applied as a primer for stucco creations with the Badisof Plus.

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The clear Tradichaux is a plaster of dressing with the lime, intended to catch up the defrosts, out of plumb, loose rubble and other defects of flatness of 2 to 5cm of thickness. It replaces the lime/sand mixture for ease.
For a traditional exterior coating, apply Tradichaux on 15 mm thick and Sofolith finish coating on 5 mm thick.

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