Badisof Plus

What is Badisof Plus ?

The Badisof Plus is a ready-to-use limewash, reinforced by a mineral charge for indoor and outdoor use. It can be applied with the brush as its cousin, the Badisof, or be smoothed.

For the outside, it allows you to change the colour of your facade on a lime facade or after a Sofix application without embarking on major renovation work, while retaining the structure of your current support. The Badisof Plus being thin film, it will not catch any irregularities or holes. For this, we advise you to turn to a coating (Sofodor, Sofolith) or to fill them first with a suitable undercoating (Rénodress, Tradichaux).

You can use two techniques : brushed or smoothed.
Thanks to its material and the warmth of our tints, the brushed technic make us rembember the authenticity of the old walls. It is more granular than Badisof.
But unlike Badisof, the Badisof Plus also makes it possible to get a smoothed finish, silky and discreetly nuanced. 

What colours do you propose ?

Badisof (Plus) exists in its natural version (without the addition of any pigment) or factory-tinted (42 colors to choose from, available in the "decorative range" section). These 42 colors correspond to sof-doses (mixtures of pigments prepared by us) : you can also buy the natural Badisof (Plus) and sof-dose separately to tint our mixture yourself by putting, for example, only half the dose. However, be careful to mix it with an electric stirrer in a homogeneous way !
And finally, if none of the 42 shades, even brightened, satisfy you, why not colour Badisof (Plus) yourself with our Ocres de France pigments ? On each pigment sheet, a small plate shows you the pigment rendering at 5% in the Badisof Plus and at 20% (maximum saturation). In short, the possibilities are endless !

What is in it ?

Everything that is natural is privileged in our paints: mineral pigments are used to elaborate the shades, which are therefore more pastel than in classic painting, and of course lime, which is a limestone used for centuries. However, be careful: like all powders, lime is irritating to the respiratory tract. Wearing a mask and gloves is strongly recommended during product implementation. However, no more worries to have once the preparation is laid on the wall.

Our paints are prepared in powder form, without water, to avoid the addition of preservatives and a more substantial weight, which would increase transport costs. Water must be added at the time of application, in the proportions indicated on the label and the data sheet.

What is its consumption ?

Brushed technic : 100 to 200 g/m²
Smoothed technic (stucco) : 1 kg/m²

In what packaging does it exist ?

Badisof (Plus) is available in 4 and 8 kg buckets. Empty packaging can be recycled into yellow bins or reused.

Badisof Plus tint Gris fumé & Mont Blanc

Badisof Plus tint Calisson

Badisof Plus smoothed tint Silex, photo sent by Marine

Difference between Badisof Plus with the brushed technic (left), Badisof Plus with the smoothed technic (middle) and Badisof (right) - example with Silex tint

Do you have a doubt about the color ? You hesitate between several shades ? Order the samples, test them and you will be able to place your order in serenity.

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