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BADISOF: Limewash

exemple badigeon orangé salon

Badisof is a 100% natural limewash available in 42 shades.

It comes in a bucket of 4 or 8 kg of dry powder, to which it is sufficient to add the Sof-dose corresponding to the chosen reference.

Add the water following the dilution on the data sheet. Mix and apply.

Badisof applies to the brush and reveals subtle and delicate nuances. Work in layers to avoid gaps, without pulling the product to get a nice matte and velvety appearance.

Do you have a doubt about the color? You hesitate between several shades? Order the samples, test them and you can place your order with confidence.

You are conquered by the Badisof and wish to use it outdoors, we have the product you need: the Badisof Plus.

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