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BADISOF PLUS: Limewash and stucco


Badisof Plus is a ready-to-use limewash, reinforced with a mineral filler for indoor and outdoor use.

On the outside, it allows you to change the color of your facade on a facade with lime or previously passed to Sofix without embarking on major renovations, while keeping the structure of your current support.

Inside, it allows to find by its material and the heat of the pigments Ocher de France, the authenticity of the old walls or to achieve a smooth wash with subtle nuances.

Badisof Plus is available without the addition of pigments, ready to be colored with Sof-doses or stained in the factory according to the 42 shades of our color chart.

Then add the water according to the desired finish.

Badisof Plus can be used to create matt and velvety brushed whitewash, smooth, silky and discreetly nuanced wash, or for a more rustic finish, fine brushed whitewash.

Badisof Plus is available in a bucket of 4 or 8 kg.


Brushed: 100 to 200 g / m²

Sponged: 200 to 400 g / m²

Smoothed (stucco): 1 kg / m²

Do you have a doubt about the color? You hesitate between several shades? Order the powder samples, test them and you can order with peace of mind.

video of Badisof Plus smoothed application (interior application only)

video of Badisof Plus brushed application (Identical as for the Badisof brushed indoor and outdoor application)

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