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BADISOF PLUS: Limewash and stucco

The product :
Badisof Plus is a ready-to-use limewash, reinforced with a mineral filler for indoor and outdoor use.

Outdoors, it allows you to change the color of your exterior wall on a lime wall or previously passed over to Sofix, without embarking on major renovation works, while retaining the structure of your current support.

Inside, it allows you to rediscover by its material and the warmth of the Ocres de France pigments, the authenticity of old walls or else to achieve a smooth whitewash with subtle nuances.

Badisof Plus exists without the addition of pigments, ready to be colored with Sof-doses or tinted in the factory according to the 42 shades of our color chart.

Badisof Plus allows you to create matt and velvety brushed brushes, smooth, silky brushes and discreetly nuanced or else for a more rustic finish, fine brushed brushes.

Ingredients :
All that is natural is privileged in our whitewashes: mineral fillers, like marble powder, to bring strength and thickness; mineral pigments are used to develop the colors, which are therefore more pastel than in conventional painting, and of course lime, which is a limestone used for centuries.

Be careful, however, because like all powders, lime is irritating to the respiratory tract, the wearing of a mask and gloves is strongly recommended during the implementation of the product. However, there is no need to worry once the preparation is placed on the wall.
Our whitewashes are prepared in powder form, without water, to avoid the addition of preservatives and additional weights, which would increase transport costs. Water will be added at the time of application.

the consumption :

Brushed: 100 to 200 g / m²

Sponge: 200 to 400 g / m²

Smoothness (stucco): 1 kg / m²

the conditioning :

Badisof plus is available in 4 and 8 kg pails. Empty packaging can be recycled in the yellow bins or reused.

color :
Do you have any doubts about the color? Do you hesitate between several shades? Order the powder samples, test them and you will be able to order with confidence.

which shade to choose for my whitewash ?

video of Badisof Plus smoothed application (interior application only)

video of Badisof Plus brushed application (Identical as for the Badisof brushed indoor and outdoor application)

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