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You want a lime coating but your support does not allow it?



Sofix is a product of adhesion bridge for substrates such as paints, plasterboard, wood and a porosity regulator for cement plasters, plaster and in general for any unknown substrates.

It is used indoors and outdoors and mixes with water.

Because of its granular appearance, it is not recommended if you want to apply a brushed whitewash.

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Sofadher is a product of adhesion bridge and bottom regulator that is used on inappropriate media such as fiber cement, tile sheets, plaster, painted interior surfaces, chipboard ... before the application of whitewash.

Sofadher is pellicular and not granular and does not apply to a medium that has had occasions

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Rénodress is a renovation mortar with fine granulometry.

Based on aerial lime, hydraulic binder, limestone fillers and admixtures, it saves time for all surface work to be renovated inside and out, because it is ready for use and only requires the addition of clear water.

Renodress is applied in the first layer, for stucco work with
badisof plus

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Tradichaux is a coating of lime dressing, designed to catch the désafleurs, out of plumb, loose rubble and other flaws flatness of 2 to 5cm thick. It replaces the mixture lime / sand for ease.

For a traditional exterior plaster, apply 15 mm thick clear tradichaux and 5 mm thick topcoat sofolith .

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