I did a lime paint myself but the final color is lighter than the color of the powder pigment I chose. Why ?

To adhere to a substrate, pigments need to be incorporated into a binder. These can be transparent (acrylic binder, gel, resin), white (lime, casein, cement), or even yellow (linseed oil). The binder will have a huge impact on the final color! Not surprisingly, the transparent binders will give you a color similar to that of the powder pigment. The white binders will lighten the shade by about 50% (so watch out for reds that can turn pink with lime!). Finally, linseed oil in particular will darken the color. For this reason, we simplify your choice by offering you for each pigment in our catalog, a photo of plates presenting the rendering with linseed oil, as well as renderings of the pigment dosed 5 and 20% (maximal saturation) in lime. What to help you choose !