Dammar gum is a resin secreted by a tree in the Indonesian Islands. It has been used since the 19th century in painting for the manufacture of varnishes and painting mediums. It produces a natural, transparent, satin-to-gloss finish. Used as an adjuvant in oil paint and wax, it is diluted in the essence of turpentine.



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Manufacture of varnishes for wood and painting : Grind 200 g of Dammar gum. Let the gum infuse for a few days in 1/2 litre of turpentine. Filter. We obtain 700 ml of natural varnish to cover about 7 m².
Oil painting : Mix 1/2 volume of linseed oil + 1/4 volume of turpentine + 1/4 volume of Dammar varnish (see above) - add the grinded pigments.

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Made in Indonesia.


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