This box contains 8 watercolours made with natural pigments, handcrafted and locally made by a young craftsman from our area, in the Luberon. The colors are mainly made from our pigments, extracted in our quarry in Gargas (light yellow ochre, yellow ochre JFLES, tan ochre, red ochre RFLES and brown ochre), but also Indian black, green earth of Brentonico and vegetable indigo from Provence.



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Succumb to this pretty box containing 8 watercolours made with natural pigment extracted for most part in our quarry, in Gargas. Find the beauty of ocre jaune clair, ocre jaune foncé JFLES, ocre havane, ocre rouge RFLES, ocre marron, noir indien, terre verte de Brentonico et vegetable indigo. Beautiful colors ready to use for your future works, locally handcrafted by a young enthusiast. The perfect gift for watercolours lovers !


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