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Multipurpose cleaner usable with gloves, dermatologically tested. Made from olive oil. Ecocert certified. 


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Liquid black soap with olive oil for the maintenance of the whole house format 1L.

Cleansing and purifying efficiency. Effective in 5 minutes on bacteria. Tested and proven by an independent laboratory.
Dermatologically tested and proven : gentle on the hands & non-irritant.

Easily biodegradable : no parabens, no solvents, no artificial colors, no foaming agents.

Easy to live with : practical, an all-in-one cleaning product for a healthy home.

Ingredients :
Based on 100% purified vegetable oils of superior quality. Traditional production in a cauldron in Salon de Provence.
This hypoallergenic liquid black soap contains : 5-30%: Purified olive oil soap, water, potassium citrate, glycerin, carbonate salts. 100% of the ingredients are of natural origin.

Ecodetergent certified by Ecocert Greenlife

Use :
Black soap is a powerful cleaner, stain remover and degreaser. It also has nourishing virtues thanks to the olive oil it contains.
RAMPAL LATOUR liquid black soap, made from purified olive-pomace oil, is perfect for cleaning and protecting all surfaces of the house from floor to ceiling: floors, kitchen, bathroom, appliances, faucets, wood ...

It can also be used for: sports accessories, brushes, leather, jewelry, screens and keyboards, DIY, gardening, pets or even outdoors.


Gentle on the environment, gentle on the skin
Exclusively made from 100% vegetable olive oil, Rampal Latour hypoallergenic liquid black soap is easily biodegradable. It does not irritate the skin, is gentle on the hands since it does not contain parabens, solvents, artificial colors, foaming agents, sequestering agents or fragrances.

Finally, with its economical, ergonomic and recyclable packaging, our hypoallergenic liquid black soap is specially designed for frequent use.

Manufacturing :

The manufacturing process of real Marseille soap
It is an Edict of Colbert of 1688 which fixes for the first time the rules and the manufacturing method of Savon de Marseille. A Marseille soap is said to be genuine if it is cooked in a cauldron, made in the Marseillaise region, the oils it contains are 100% vegetable, and it contains at least 72% oils. Extra pure, it must be made from oils, water, salt and soda only. It contains no dyes, preservatives and perfumes. Its manufacturing process lasts several days during which the soap paste is made in a cauldron in 5 stages: mashing, release, cooking, washing, liquidation.

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Multipurpose cleaner usable with gloves, dermatologically tested. Made from olive oil. Ecocert certified. 


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