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the tadelakt 

the tadelakt

The Tadelakt is more than a traditional Moroccan coating or a simple decoration: it is also a symbol of the poetry and art of living of the Moroccan people, emblem of its culture and cradle of its identity.

A demanding lime plastering technique and much more than a painting, the Tadelakt is a wall covering of Moroccan decoration formerly used to decorate the facades of official buildings, houses, riads and palaces, but especially to realize the basins and the hammams because of its waterproof qualities and its resistance to water.

Its aesthetic character, its longevity, its velvety and its varying tones make today Moroccan Tadelakt a lime plaster technique for the houses very appreciated by the amateurs of Moroccan decoration in France but also in the whole world.

Made with lime from Marrakech applied to the cedar trowel, then finished with pebble and black soap, the Moroccan tadelakt is both water-repellent (water trickles on contact) and microporous (lets breathe the wall).

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  • 11,00 € Product available with different options
    Product available with different options
    The roller is the essential tool for finishing the tadelakt, it allows to "iron" the coating (that is to say to smooth it) and to penetrate the black soap to make the coating completely water repellent.
  • 7,00 € Out of stock
    Out of stock
    Cedar wood float, specially adapted to the lime of Marrakech, it is used to apply the lime on the support in order to realize a tadelakt LENGTHS: little model = 10cm medium model = 17cm big model = 26cm
  • 37,50 € In Stock
    Real lime of Marrakech mainly used for the realization of the Tadelakt. It can also be used in interior and exterior decorative coatings. Ready to use, its consumption is about 5kg / m² / 4mm thick
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