Glue of animal origin, it has a powerful tackiness and can be used in many ways (sealant, glue, coating, paint, etc). The rabbit skin glue is known for its properties of flexibility and finesse.

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Preparation of the glue :

Allow 100 g of rabbit skin glue to swell in 900 ml of water overnight then heat in a water bath (60 °C) without boiling until the glue is completely fluid. Sprinkle the Meudon white little by little until the glue no longer absorbs the Meudon white ; turn the mixture to mix well, avoiding the formation of air bubbles.

Application :

Pass with a spalter a first layer of preparation on the wood. Leave to dry for about 2 hours then repeat the operation 3 times. After complete drying of the last layer, pass fine sandpaper over a wooden block to polish the surface without drilling.

Recipe of JP Besenval

Made in Italy.


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