Coloured plaster

Are you looking for an original, ingenious, natural and elegant coating ? On new construction or in renovation, the colored plaster is the star of the interiors.
With a smoothed finish, it will look like a beautiful matte Italian stucco and the application of a wax, which will be glossed afterwards, will give a silky, shiny finish and will add depth as well as shade. For a rustic look, the scratched finish will create the illusion of the old walls of the past.

For who ?

  •  New constructions, replacing traditional white plaster. Colored plaster brings you directly your decorative finish.
  •  The renovation. It is possible to hang the colored plaster on a Nergalto or similar, in order to catch up the lack of thickness.

18 shades for scratched finish - 30 shades for smoothed finish/ available in 25 kg bags - minimum order 8 bags