Glazing with linseed oil

The glazing is very fluid, translucent and sometimes transparent paint. It is applied in thin and uniform layers to modify the coloring and the appearance of the bottoms on which it is applied. The glazing can be doneon a wall or a furniture. Il peut également être utilisé comme finition pour la peinture, le revêtement ou la peinture à la caséine.

Photo Nathalie Boisseau - Esprit Cabane

Basic recipe :

- 1/3 of linseed oil ;

- 2/3 of turpentine ;
Natural pigments ;
- Drying accelerator (between 3 and 5%)

The finish can give a brushed, ragged, velvety, patinated, smoothed, shaded appearance...

Photo Nathalie Boisseau - Esprit Cabane