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platre lissé dans escalier

platre lissé dans chambre

Looking for an original, ingenious, natural and elegant coating?

On new construction or renovation, the colored plaster plays the star of interiors.

In smoothed finish, it will look like a beautiful Italian stucco mat and the break of a wax, which will be polished later, will give a silky finish, shiny and add depth and nuance.

For who ?

- new buildings, replacing traditional white plaster. The colored plaster brings you directly your decorative finish.
- the renovation. It is possible to hang the colored plaster on a Nergalto or similar, in order to make up for the lack of thickness.

For a rustic look, the scraped finish will create the illusion of old-time walls.

  18 shades for scraped finish -30 shades for smoothed finish

Available in bag of 25 kg - minimum order 8 bags

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