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Ready to use Ocres de France

it is a range of decorative products, easy to use, at an affordable price, which allow you to make whitewashes and lime renders without going through multiple color essays and more or less disappointing formulas.

The proposed samples will allow you to validate the choice of color and familiarize yourself with the product before making your final purchase.

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Ready-made loans Ocres de France is a range of:

limewash (Badisof and Badisof Plus) available in 126 shades and 3 finishes for indoors and outdoors.

facade plaster (Sofolith) - 24 shades available and possibility of color creation on request.

a decorative fine coating (Sofodor) - 48 shades available.

* 30 shades of colored plaster with smoothed finish

* 18 shades of colored plaster with scraped finish

We also offer original natural paints:

* Tutti, casein paint ready to color

soja paint kit

* the flour painting kit, available in red and yellow

as well as the different sub layers adapted to your needs

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