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Because color is the very principle of Fine Arts, pigment is therefore the fundamental element of artistic painting.

All the difficulty for the artist rests in the choice of pigment to select, among hundreds of different names and brands more or less known that offers the pigment market.

The user must therefore have a minimum of knowledge to be able to select it according to its criteria of coverage, coloring power, resistance to light, fineness, miscibility with other pigments and toxicity. It may be natural, of mineral origin, organic or obtained in mineral chemistry, derived from sulphides and metal oxides (synthetic pigments).

To be recognized, pigments are classified according to a very precise terminology: the Color Index (CI)

First letter: P for pigment

A second letter (and third letter for some):

W White (blanc)

Bk Black (noir)

R Red (rouge)

Y Yellow (jaune)

B Blue (bleu)

O Orange (orange)

G Green (vert)

Br Brown (brun)

The number following the letter is the membership of its chemical class. So :

Bk7 = Bk (black) and 7 = carbon black. Y43 = Y (yellow) and 43 for land and ocher.

The choice of binder, to mix with the pigment, will depend on the painting technique you want to use: arabic gum, for watercolor; linseed oil, for oil; the egg, for the temperature ...

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What advantage is there to compose his paintings?

After all, what could be easier than buying a watercolor tube or a scoop of gouache in the Local Artists Store?

Indeed ! But when you start thinking in terms of cost and feasible savings, you start thinking about it.

To create your work by mixing pigments and textures to infinity is something that speaks to you, does not it?

In addition, having complete control over the choice of ingredients in your painting and controlling the risks to your health and the environment, that is what definitely convinced you.

Do not wait any longer, check out our recipes and express yourself.

"Painting is a silent poetry and poetry, a talking painting." (Mr P. Commetti)

(photos: ALTERA ROMA http://www.stephanleclercq.com, and Rosangela Spartani)