Ecological, economic, made in France, Badisof is an aerial limewash paint, 100% mineral. Thanks to its material and the warmth of the Ocres de France pigments, it is possible to rediscover the authenticity of the walls of the past.
It applies to the brush, only indoor, and creates soft and subtle shades. It has a velvety appearance, less grainy, with more pastel hues than the Badisof Plus.

Terracotta tint : bright orange type Mexican haciendas.

Product made by Ocres de France

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The limewash paint : better for you and for the environment


Why choose our limewash paint instead of a classic paint ?

Because it has a much lower level of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and therefore much less harmful. The “VOC-free” statements you see on ecological paints don’t mean the paint doesn’t contain them at all, because it’s technically impossible to do without them. This statement is used for paints containing a concentration of OC of less than 5 g per litre. The rate of C.O.V contained in our paints is less than 5 g per litre.


What are our limewash paints made of ?

The rate of C.O.V contained in our paints is less than 5 g per litre. Everything that is natural is privileged in our paints : mineral pigments are used to elaborate the hues, which are therefore more pastel than in classical paint, and of course French lime, which is a limestone used for centuries. However, like all powders, lime is irritating to the respiratory tract: wearing a mask and gloves is strongly recommended during the implementation of the product. But once the preparation is on the wall, this product is 100% safe, without any danger.

Our paints are prepared in powder, without water, to avoid the addition of preservatives and extra weight, which would increase transportation costs. Water will be added at the time of application.
Our buckets are recyclable, in the yellow buckets, and can also be cleaned and reused.

For all these reasons, our lime paints are labelled A+.



Badisof, what is it exactly ?


The Ocres de France's company was one of the pioneers in the manufacture of ready-to-use lime paint more than 20 years ago.
Badisof is a ready-to-use limewash paint for indoor use. It allows to create brushed matte and velvety brushes lime paint, discreetly nuanced in simple liming, strong water or patina, with the easy brushed technic.
It is applied on a suitable support or after the apply of an underlay (primer). On a healthy support, without irregularities, the Sofadher will be ideal before a Badisof.


Badisof exists in its natural version (without the addition of any pigment) or factory tinted (44 colors to choose from). If none of the 44 shades satisfy you, why not create your own color ? You can colour Badisof (Plus) yourself with our Ocres de France pigments ! On each pigment sheet, a small plate shows you the pigment rendering at 5% in the Badisof Plus and at 20% (maximum saturation). The possibilities are endless !


Exemple with the ocre jaune JFLES dosed at 5% (on the left) and 20% (on the right) in the Badisof Plus


What is the consumption of Badisof ?


The Badisof is available in a 4 or 8 kg bucket.

Consumption :

* 20 m² with a 4kg bucket
* 40 m² with a 8kg bucket
On a normally absorbent support.

You can watch our application video HERE.


Warning : this product is made to order only. Depending on the current request, preparation times may exceed 48h working hours. Consult our delivery policy.


Do you have a doubt about the color ? You hesitate between several shades ? Order the powdered samples, test them and you will be able to order them with confidence.


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