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    6,67 € In Stock
    Earrings made of ochre, handmade in Provence.For yourself or to offer, these earrings will charm you with their originality.Available in 12 colors (overviews at the bottom of the page).
  • 15,11 € In Stock
    The Box "MARINE" contains eight blue synthetic pigments; Blue is one of three primary colors. In this box, a range of blues is presented between freshness and purity, ranging from the "BLEU CIEL" pigment to the "BLEU LAVANDE" of our Provence, through deep blues.
  • 14,84 € In Stock
    The box "SOLEIL" contains eight natural and synthetic yellow pigments. Yellow, the color of light, is often associated with joy and good humor. This box presents a range of yellow as bright as each other.
  • 14,33 € In Stock
    The box "ORANGEADE" contains eight natural and synthetic pigments of more or less orange color. Orange is a color ranging from yellow to red. His hues are bright and warm. The box is in agreement with the orange, it presents pigments pulling towards the yellow orange "OXY APT JAUNE" or toward a red orange supported like "OCRE HAVANE".  
  • 15,84 € In Stock
    The box "VERMEIL" contains eight natural and synthetic red pigments. Red is one of the first pigments discovered and used by humans. His color is passionate, warm and deep. This box offers reds just as different from each other that will not fail to surprise you!
  • 15,65 € In Stock
    The "Prairie" box contains eight natural and synthetic pigments of green color. Going from a bright green light (green 4FR) to a deep green (green Monte Carlo), it makes you discover a complete range of greens as diverse and varied, which will not fail to amaze you!
  • 17,12 € In Stock
    The box "GOURMAND" contains eight natural and synthetic pink pigments. From a light pink (Bois de Rose) to a bright pink (Rose Magenta), this box presents a range of pink for all tastes, including white pigment (BlancTiona 595) and Indian black (Noir Indien), this box offers you a complete palette of fragile, bright or vibrant roses.
  • 16,13 € In Stock
    The box "TERRE" contains eight natural pigments of brown color. Brown pigments were for a long time essentially land. Today, the best lands are difficult to obtain, but they come in this box.
  • 20,83 € Out of stock
    Out of stock
  • 1,25 € In Stock
    atural vegetable soap with sheep's milk, molded in a rectangle. Handmade Savonnerie du Larzac.
  • 13,41 € In Stock
    The box "OCRES" contains eight natural ochers in a metallic sugar box with transparent lid. Ochers come from our career in Gargas (Vaucluse, France);  
  • 22,68 € In Stock
    The discovery box (big model) offers you two choices of quality by combining 6 natural pigments and 6 synthetic pigments.
  • 15,12 € In Stock
    the discovery box small model offers you the primary colors to compose to wish according to your desires of creativity.
  • 2,05 € In Stock
    Linseed oil, appreciated for its siccativity, is the most used, as a grinding binder, to develop oil colors.
  • 8,40 € In Stock
    binder traditionally used for watercolor
  • 6,50 € In Stock
    This binder with water is used to fix the pigments on a support. It is flexible and makes the support washable while keeping some porosity ...it is also used as a replacement for a white paint, and makes it possible to obtain the hue of the powdered pigments, which is not the case with a white paint. made in Italy
  • 13,75 € In Stock
    MEASURING SPOON WITH ELECTRONIC DIGITAL SCALE Electronic measuring spoon with digital scale to weigh your pigments up to 300g. Perfect for controlling the percentage of pigments in your mixes. -Precision: ± 0.1g -Maximum weight: 500 grams -Pile: small round stack CR2032 (supplied) -Size of the weighing support: L5cm x P6cm x H2.5cm
  • 1,73 € In Stock
    Talc has an opacifying power that brings dullness and velvety to whitewashes and coatings. In artistic painting, talc mixed with gum arabic and pigments makes it possible to obtain a painting similar to gouache.
Showing 1 - 20 of 43 items