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    Flour paint ingredient. Suitable for use in gardening.
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    Alum salt fixes colour, waiting for the coating or the brush to be taken. Put 1 kg of alum salt for 10 kg of lime. Warning, it does not allow the hanging of the brush on a closed support. Origin : Spain
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    Methylcellulose is used in the preparation of paints and whitewashes, as well as mortars or lime stuccoes. It is an adjuvant and a water retainer. It is also used as a resin for the manufacture of traditional gouaches as well as for the preparation of vinyl, acrylic and tempera colors.
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    High performance indoor/outdoor waterproofing. Professional range. For floors, walls, roofs.  Water repellent, oil repellent. Stain repellent.
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    Multipurpose cleaner usable with gloves, dermatologically tested. Made from olive oil. Ecocert certified.   
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