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    Flour paint ingredient. Suitable for use in gardening.
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    Alum salt fixes colour, waiting for the coating or the brush to be taken. Put 1 kg of alum salt for 10 kg of lime. Warning, it does not allow the hanging of the brush on a closed support. Origin : Spain
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    Methylcellulose is used in the preparation of paints and whitewashes, as well as mortars or lime stuccoes. It is an adjuvant and a water retainer. It is also used as a resin for the manufacture of traditional gouaches as well as for the preparation of vinyl, acrylic and tempera colors.
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    High performance indoor/outdoor waterproofing. Professional range. For floors, walls, roofs.  Water repellent, oil repellent. Stain repellent.
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    Black soap is a multi-purpose product. In paint, it is used for cleaning brushes and provides shine for the reinforcement of brushes or smoothed coatings. It can be used for washing animals and also for the maintenance of the house (linen, hob, oven, hood, sink, bathroom) and even in gardening to repel aphids.
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    Multipurpose cleaner usable with gloves, dermatologically tested. Made from olive oil. Ecocert certified.   
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