Cost savings and ease of application :
choose lime paint
to refresh your outsides ! 

Spring is here and with it comes desires for fresh (start), and clean up. Like nature, we need clear space to flourish. Maybe it's time to refresh the color of your facade, as you project it (and postpone it...) for a long time ? Between savings and ease of application, whitewash/lime paint will be the ideal solution for this, without embarking on major works. But what is a whitewash/lime paint ? On which medium does it apply ? How ? What is the difference with a coating ? We tell you everything !

What is a lime paint ?

A lime paint is a mixture of lime, pigments and water (and possibly other admixtures or fillers intended to improve its strength). We also talk about whitewash, limewash or mineral paint. 

On which medium apply it ?

You can apply lime paint on mediums such as lime of course, but also cement, stone, MBF, plasterboard, acrylic; directly on mineral and absorbent support or after applying a lime underlay on any other support (or if it is not identified). Several lime underlays can be used : Sofix (granular underlay), Sofadher (smooth underlay) or Rénodress (finishing coat). 

How do I know if a lime paint is suitable or if I need to make a coating ?

Making a coating is necessary when you have to pass the product in thickness (to re-arrange a surface, fill holes, rehomogenize the support after repairing...). The lime paint, meanwhile, is pellicular (similar to paint). It does not work at all in thickness and will fit the shape and irregularities of your support. If you are on a «clean» wall, without imperfections, holes or repairs, go for the whitewash ! Much more economical and easy to apply, it will allow you to change the color of your facade and put a fresh shot without going through the coating, more tedious to implement.

How to apply it  ?

Lime paint is applied with the brush, in crossed passes and systematically in two layers, in accordance with the application video below : 

Can you make your own lime paint ?

Of course but it will require many recipe and/or pigment dosage tests to find the right formula and/or color. Keep in mind that lime is a white binder, it will lighten by about 50% the color of the pigment powder. It is to help you project yourself that we show the rendering of each of our pigments in our own lime paint at 5 and 20%. And for the less adventurous among you, we offer you the healthy and effective solution : our Badisof Plus. Without preservatives, composed of 96% natural ingredients, it exists in natural version (not tinted, to use as is ; or to color yourself) or in 44 shades to choose from that you will find all HERE. The Badisof Plus is naturally loaded and grainy which allows it to hold outdoors but it is equally suitable indoors. In a house, it can be brushed but also smoothed (stucco effect). The consumption in smoothness will however be more important (4kg for 20 m² brushed, 4kg for 4 m² smoothed). Indoors (and indoors only), if you are looking for a brushed but less grainy whitewash than Badisof Plus, you can opt for its cousin, Badisof. It is less granular than Badisof Plus and has a softer and velvety appearance. Its colors are also lighter, pastel and all available HERE

So, are you ready to test ?
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