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TUTTI: Casein paint

ideal for baby's room

Tutti is a 100% natural powdered product based on milk, calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, gypsum, methylcellulose and plant extracts. It can be colored with pigments and gives a beautiful smooth, matte and very velvety appearance.

Product of high environmental quality, Tutti is applied directly on plaster, rough wood, smoothing plaster, plaster and whitewash.

Tutti coloring:

for pastel shades: 75 g of pigments for 5 kg of Tutti

for a medium shade: 175 g of pigments for 5 kg of Tutti

for dark shades: 500 g of pigments for 5 kg of Tutti

Tutti painting:

Whisk or mix 1 part Tutti in 1 part water. Add the pigment according to the desired color. Mix and let the mixture swell for 1 hour at room temperature.

If the mixture is too thick, you can add water. The texture must be fluid and homogeneous. The application of Tutti painting will be done with the whitewashing brush.

Tutti decorative painting:

With Tutti it is possible to create multiple effects. You can test the following mixtures:

1 volume of Tutti + 1 volume of water + 1 to 2% of olive oil

1 volume of Tutti + 1 volume of water + 1/3 of mica

Finishing: You can apply the eggs glaze (colored with pigments or neutral) for light protection.

Tutti coated:

Thicker than a paint, this paste is applied with a trowel to obtain effects and shades.

Gradually mix 2 volumes of Tutti per 1 volume of water. If the mixture is too thick you can add water. Apply the dough to the trowel in two passes.

Tutti coated decoration:

To go further, you can test the following mixtures:

2 volumes of Tutti + 1 volume of water + 1 volume of mica

2 volumes of Tutti + 1 volume of water + 1 volume of lime paste

Tutti is marketed:

- in 1 kg container

- 5 kg cardboard (cardboard containing a recipe booklet and stencil templates for cows because Tutti is a painting that smells of naturalness!)

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FLOUR PAINT : less expensive, more eco-friendly

This painting will allow you to paint any wooden support raw (or sanded) in vertical position (shutter, door, cottage, hives ...). Very economical, it is also natural and will give you a matt, opaque appearance while leaving visible the veining of the wood).

It is recommended for rough spruce and sawdust type woods. Tannin-rich woods such as chestnut, oak and other hard tropical woods may leave brown spots through the paint.

flour paint with Red Ocher / flour paint with Yellow Ocher

- All ingredients are available on our website (For simplicity: try our flour paint kits available in yellow and red)

- Only natural pigments can be used

- The final color will be darker than that of the selected pigment

- To lighten a pigment, you can use White Tiona (only synthetic pigment that can be used in flour painting). This pigment is to be mixed with the natural pigment powder while respecting the proportions of the recipe.

Pigments recommended for a bright red: Venetian Red, Ercolano Red and red ocher

Pigments recommended for a bright yellow: Yellow earth of Italy, Ocher Sof Icles and yellow ocher

The paint is stored in the refrigerator for 2.3 days.