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High performance indoor/outdoor waterproofing. Professional range. For floors, walls, roofs.
Water repellent, oil repellent. Stain repellent.

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Designed to permanently protect all porous materials against the penetration of water, oil, stains of all kinds, etc. Silicone-free, invisible. Do not make the surface slippery. Non-film forming, Hydr'oléo lets breathe the material.

Applications :

On all substrates and porous materials previously cleaned and dried : slabs, concrete, plaster, tiles, natural or reconstituted stones, etc.
Spray at low pressure or roll up to saturation (do not overload, remove any excess).

Yield : 1 L for 5 to 10 m² depending on the porosity of the substrate.

In 1 layer or 2 without drying at 30 min intervals.
Do not apply in wet or rainy weather, frost, or in hot weather. Protected drying : 24 h. Optimum efficiency : from 5 to 7 days after application. Clean your material with water.


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