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    SOFADHER is a product of adhesion and a porosity regulator that is used on inappropriate media such as fiber cement, tile sheets, plaster, painted interior surfaces, chipboard ... before the application of whitewash.
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    SOFIX is a granular anchoring underlayer that is used on inappropriate substrates (plaster, plasterboard, plasterboard, old plaster, paint ...) before the whitewash or lime coating break.
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    RENODRESS is a renovation mortar for outdoor and indoor, pre-mixed limeaerial, hydraulic binder, calcareous loads and specific additives.
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    Biorox matte paint is a matte paint that is used in both printing and finishing.Equipped with great ease of application and a high yield, it perfectly regulates the porosity of the supports.
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items