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Lime paint or coating ? Thick or thin coating ? Can I apply a lime paint directly to a glycerol paint ?
We’ll help you figure it out.


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    Sofadher is a product of adhesion and a porosity regulator that is used on inappropriate media such as fiber cement, tile sheets, plaster, painted interior surfaces, chipboard... before the application of whitewash.  Sofadher is a film paint and does not apply on a support that has had covers.
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    Sofix is a granular anchoring underlayer that is used on inappropriate substrates (plaster, plasterboard, plasterboard, old plaster, paint...) before the whitewash or lime coating break.
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    Rénodress is a renovation mortar for outdoor and indoor, pre-mixed lime aerial, hydraulic binder, calcareous loads and specific additives.
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    Base Plus is a white sanded underlay for natural lime paints and decorative coatings, as well as a base for Tutti (casein paint) both indoors and outdoors.
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    Base 2 is a smooth underlay for the adhesion of natural paints and coatings, specially designed for the application of Tutti (ready-to-use casein paint). It can be applied to non-absorbent or low absorbent substrates, only indoors.
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items