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Lime paint or coating ? Thick or thin coating ? Can I apply a lime paint directly to a glycerol paint ?
We’ll help you figure it out.


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    Sofadher is a product of adhesion and a porosity regulator that is used on inappropriate media before the application of whitewash.  Sofadher is a film paint and does not apply on a support that has had covers. Consumption : 1kg = about 30 m² (depending on support). Technical data to download below in the section "download".
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    Sofix is a granular anchoring underlayer that is used on inappropriate substrates (plaster, plasterboard, plasterboard, old plaster, paint...) before the whitewash or lime coating break. Consumption : 1kg = about 10 m² indoors or 20 m² outdoors (depending on support). Data sheet to download below in the "download" section. 
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    Rénodress is a renovation mortar for outdoor and indoor, pre-mixed lime aerial, hydraulic binder, calcareous loads and specific additives. Consumption : 1.3 kg/m²/mm thick. Technical data to download below in the section "download".
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    Tradichaux is a plaster with lime fat, ready to apply, which can be colored with the Ocres de France's pigment. Destined to catch the unevenness, out of plumb, rubble unsealed and other flatness defects of 2 to 5 cm thick facades. It applies in a layer of 2 to 5 cm by hand or with the machine to project.
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    Base Plus is a white sanded underlay for natural lime paints and decorative coatings, as well as a base for Tutti (casein paint) both indoors and outdoors. Consumption : 4 to 6 m²/litre.
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    Base 2 is a smooth underlay for the adhesion of natural paints and coatings, specially designed for the application of Tutti (ready-to-use casein paint). It can be applied to non-absorbent or low absorbent substrates, only indoors. Comsumption : 6 à 8 m²/litre.
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