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pigments set in box 

pigments set in box

Gift idea or personal pleasure ? 

Choose from the wooden boxes containing 8 pigments : the box "Marine" which combines freshness and purity; the box "Sun" for shimmering and luminous tones; the vitamin box "Orangeade"; the box "Vermeil" between passion and tenderness. All the nature found in the "Prairie"; or the deep colors of the box "Gourmand". Unless you opt for the simplicity of the "Lands" box.

In a more complete style, discover the "Painting in the colors of Provence" box, a complete kit offering a recipe booklet and ingredients to make your own watercolour, gouache and oil.

And finally, discover and rediscover our must-see : the "Discovery" box and the "Ochre box".

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    The "Soleil" (= "sun") box contains eight natural and synthetic yellow pigments. The yellow, color of the light, is often associated to joy and good mood. In this box, here is a gam of luminous yellows. 
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    The "Orangeade" box contains eight natural and synthetic pigments, pulling toward yellow-orange such as the Oxy Apt jaune or pulling toward the red-orange just like the Ocre havane. Its tints are luminous and warms.
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    The "Vermeil" box contains eight natural and synthetic red pigments. The red is one of the first pigment discovered and used by men. Its color is passionate, warm and deep. This box contains many reds which will surprise you.   
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    The "Prairie" box contains eight natural and synthetic green pigments. Going from a bright light green (green 4FR) to a deep green (green Monté Carlo), it helps you discover a complete range of greens which will not fail to amaze you. 
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    The "Gourmand" (= "greedy") box contains eight natural and synthetic pink pigments. From light pink (bois de rose) to bright pink (rose magenta), this box offers a gam of pink for every taste. It also contains the white tiona 595 pigment which allow you to lighten your colours and the Indian black.
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    The "Terre" (= "earth") box contains eight natural and synthetic brown pigments. During a long time, brown pigments were only earths, hard to obtain and pretty expensives. Here are these earths in this box.   
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    The pigments discovery box (big model) offers 7 natural pigments and 7 synthetic pigments.
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    The pigments discovery box (small model) offers you the primary colors to be able to compose according yo your desires of creativity.
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    The "Marine" box contains eight synthetic blue pigments, blue being one of the three primary colours. In this box, a range of blue is presented, between freshness and purety, from the sky blue to the lavander blue of our Provence, or deeper blues.
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    The "Ocres" (= "Ochers") box contains eight ochers and natural earths in a wooden box. The ochers come from our open air quarry in Gargas (Vaucluse, France).
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    Wake up your inner artist with our box "To paint with the Provence's colours" contening a complet range of natural and synthetic colours.
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    The ochers and earths box offers 12 natural pigments as well as the binder and the filler necessary for the realization of watercolor and gouache.
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