The "Gourmand" box contains eight natural and synthetic pigments in pink tones. From light pink (Bois de rose) to bright pink (rose fuchsia), this box offers a range of pink for every taste. 



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The "Gourmand" box contains 8 40ml jars of synthetic and natural pigments :

- Bois de rose
- Rose outremer
- Rose fuchsia
 Violet clair
- Violet outremer


Use : pigments in powder make possible to make your own artistic paints, for gouache, watercolour, oil, tempera, glaze or mixed with painting mediums such as liquid or powdered acrylic binder or egg glaze.


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Pigments can be mixed with linseed oil or Arabic gum to create their own watercolours. 


Renderings of the "Bonbons" box pigments with linseed oil : 



       Bois de rose                 Rose outremer             Rose fuschia                 Violet clair


      Violet outremer                     Corail                    


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