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    acrylic powder binder is a mixture of vinyl acetate and acrylic copolymer. It provides good adhesion, flexibility and water resistance to mortars containing hydraulic binders such as cement, gypsum or lime. It can also be used for the following applications: ...
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    Linseed oil, appreciated for its siccativity, is the most used, as a grinding binder, to develop oil colors.
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    binder traditionally used for watercolor
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    This binder with water is used to fix the pigments on a support. It is flexible and makes the support washable while keeping some porosity ...it is also used as a replacement for a white paint, and makes it possible to obtain the hue of the powdered pigments, which is not the case with a white paint. made in Italy
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    Casein (milk protein) is a natural fixative for whitewashes to which it provides matte and velvety.Used by artists from the Middle Ages, it is perfect for frescoes and icons.A little neglected over time, it returns to fashion especially in the decoration of painted furniture. made in Germany
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    Glue of animal origin, it has a powerful tackiness and can be used in many ways (sealant, glue, coating, paint, etc ...). The rabbit skin glue is known for its properties of flexibility and finesse. made in Italy
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    Eccocera natural wax is intended for dry, solid and absorbent interior surfaces. It is applied on walls and ceilings coated with lime, plaster or cement. Composition: water, bees and carnauba waxes, vegetable oils, icing agents, emulsifiers, methylcellulose and contains less than 1% preservatives.
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