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The use of lime dates back to Greek and Roman times, where it was widely used, especially as a construction mortar or decorative plaster.

Frescoes, bridges, cathedrals and of course, the famous tower of Pisa testify to the resistance of lime in time, and if some consider it more capricious than cement, it is only pure ignorance or laziness.

  Lime is sold in the form of paste or powder and is characterized by a very fine granulometry and immaculate whiteness which offers a beautiful luminosity and enhances the natural pigments.

  Embellished with adjuvants, it becomes lime paint commonly called whitewash.

  Milk of lime, etching, patina, whitewash, stucco, marmorino, tadelakt ... the decorative techniques with lime are numerous and the varied recipes.

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 How to compose your whitewash?

Casein, alum salt, methylcellulose, filler ... It is often difficult to navigate among the many ingredients on offer, not to mention the number of more or less complete recipes, visible on the internet or in books.

For simplicity we have created the ready-to-use whitewash range under the name Badisof (traditional limewash) and Badisof Plus (consolidated limewash).