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If you are not "ready to use" but rather "do everything yourself", we have not forgotten you and offer you here the adjuvantsmineral fillers and binders the healthiest and most used to compose your paints and coatings.

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    Casein (milk protein) is a natural fixative for whitewashes to which it provides matte and velvety. Used by artists from the Middle Ages, it is perfect for frescoes and icons. A little neglected over time, it returns to fashion especially in the decoration of painted furniture. Made in : Germany
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    Binder traditionally used for watercolor.
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    Dammar gum is a resin secreted by a tree in the Indonesian Islands. It has been used since the 19th century in painting for the manufacture of varnishes and painting mediums. It produces a natural, transparent, satin-to-gloss finish. Used as an adjuvant in oil paint and wax, it is diluted in the essence of turpentine.
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    Linseed oil, appreciated for its siccativity, is the most used, as a grinding binder, to develop oil colors.  
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    Acrylic powder binder is a mixture of vinyl acetate and acrylic copolymer. It provides good adhesion, flexibility and water resistance to mortars containing hydraulic binders such as cement, gypsum or lime.  
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    This binder with water is used to fix the pigments on a support. It is flexible and makes the support washable while keeping some porosity. It is also used as a replacement for a white paint, and makes it possible to obtain the hue of the powdered pigments, which is not the case with a white paint. Made in : Italy
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    Tradical 98 is a slaked calcium lime corresponding to the new European standard E 459.1 (currently CL 90 NF P 15.311). Extremely pure and natural, it is used for the formulation of coatings, mortars and paints for the realization of restoration and conservation works, especially on historical monuments. Origine : France
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    Lime water is the water used to extinguish quicklime. It is therefore still lime-laden but no longer has the white color that inevitably fades the dye. Its transparency makes it possible to create very lively tones without blocking the support.
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    Real lime of Marrakech mainly used for the realization of the Tadelakt. It can also be used in interior and exterior decorative coatings. Ready to use, its consumption is about 5kg / m² / 4mm thick.
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    POZZO NUOVO paste lime is a home-made lime, particularly recommended for whitewash, frescoes, fine coatings, stucco and tadelakts.
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    Glue of animal origin, it has a powerful tackiness and can be used in many ways (sealant, glue, coating, paint, etc). The rabbit skin glue is known for its properties of flexibility and finesse. Made in : Italy
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    Alum salt fixes colour, waiting for the coating or the brush to be taken. Put 1 kg of alum salt for 10 kg of lime. Warning, it does not allow the hanging of the brush on a closed support. Origin : Spain
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    Flour paint ingredient. Suitable for use in gardening.
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    Methylcellulose is used in the preparation of paints and whitewashes, as well as mortars or lime stuccoes. It is an adjuvant and a water retainer. It is also used as a resin for the manufacture of traditional gouaches as well as for the preparation of vinyl, acrylic and tempera colors.
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    Black soap is a multi-purpose product. In paint, it is used for cleaning brushes and provides shine for the reinforcement of brushes or smoothed coatings. It can be used for washing animals and also for the maintenance of the house (linen, hob, oven, hood, sink, bathroom) and even in gardening to repel aphids.
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    Multipurpose cleaner usable with gloves, dermatologically tested. Made from olive oil. Ecocert certified.   
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    Talcum powder has an opacifying power that brings gloss and velvety to the paints and coatings. In artistic painting, talcum powder mixed with Arabic gum and pigments produces a paint similar to gouache.
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    The Blanc de Meudon acts as a filler and opacifying in the manufacture of a number of recipes of traditional paints, but also for the preparation of surfaces to be painted. It allows to increase the covering capacity of paints and is also used as a household product. Made in : Spain
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    Calcium carbonate is a natural product of multiple use (paintings, coatings and whitewashes, glues and sealants, concretes, casts, road mixes, marbles and reconstituted stones, plastic, PVC and rubber, paper, glassware, ceramic enamel, detergent, insecticide, for the manufacture of chalk or pastel).
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    The marble powder with grain size 0/350 is comparable to flour. Use in stucco, marmorino, lime plaster, etc.
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